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The collaboration between Mantero 1902 and the Cuba Lab project, supported by the Tod's Group in collaboration with the Manufacturing Division of the Community of San Patrignano, represents a concrete commitment in providing human and professional training through learning the art of leather goods and tailoring. For Cuba Lab's spring-summer 2024 collection, Mantero 1902 contributed by providing prints and fabrics for the creation of four Habanera Tote Baby bags, combining silk as the main material for the first time. A new professional upgrade and learning of a further tailoring technique that adds to the expertise of the young artisans of San Patrignano.

These Habanera Tote Baby bags stand out for the use of the brand's distinctive prints, coming from the company's precious archive, mixed in an eye-catching and summery mix & match, thanks to the use of fine fabrics such as twill, crepe and silk satin, all protagonist elements of the Mantero 1902 collections. The floral patterns and marine designs give a distinctive and summery character to the bags, transporting the wearer into a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Habanera aRossGirl - Floral Silk - front 1.jpg
Habanera aRossGirl - Marina Silk - front 1.jpg
Habanera aRossGirl - Spring Silk - front 1.jpg

The strength of the Mantero 1902 brand lies in the very essence of the Mantero Seta company: tradition, savoir-faire and quality. Mantero is a family-run textile company founded in Como in 1902, a leader in the creation and printing of women's and men's luxury textile fabrics and accessories for over a century, with a history of craftsmanship that has been handed down for four generations.

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