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Cuba Lab is more than a brand,
it is a socially responsible and sustainable project


An admirable result achieved from the collaboration between Cuba Lab, a social promotion association that supports training opportunities of artisan excellence and the Design Lab of the San Patrignano.

The Italian rehab community, born more than 10 years ago thanks to the visionary support of the Tod's Group, which donates technologies and resources for human and professional training. 


San Patrignano is a community bursting with energy and creativity

The San Patrignano workshop has become the place for our meetings and conviviality but above all for a real redemption: The girls who are working for our collections are well aware of it. Thanks to this project, they have found an opportunity for personal and professional growth, a tool to become excellent in the art of leather goods.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create planet-responsible choices that you’d want to buy regardless of their impact or backstory. We do this by turning the traditional design process inside out. Instead of developing new materials, we rescue existing ones. We “thrift” high-quality leathers from Tod’s saddlery productions and upcycled luxury textiles that are left over from high fashion brands.

Paglia 7.JPG

It’s all in the numbers. The process of creating materials—both textiles and leather—can drive up to 80% of a product’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). That’s not a typo. By using available excess materials, we dramatically reduce the environmental impact of our products, compared to a handbag or garment made in the traditional way.

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