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Cuba Lab
Hands and Hearts

Cuba Lab stands as a sustainable brand initiative committed to fostering human and professional growth by imparting the artistry of leather craftsmanship.


This project has embarked through a decade-long collaboration between Artesania, a social promotion association, and the Leather Laboratory of the San Patrignano Italian rehabilitation community. It has initiated with the sponsorship of the Tod's Group, which generously contributes to new technologies and resources to advance both human and professional training.


This partnership has produced an authentic design process, resulting in a brand that excels in terms of creativity, productivity, and effective communication.


We Love Colors

Our initial aim was to create a vibrant collection using natural and upcycled materials, high-quality

leather, and artisanal craft. We drew inspiration from the vitality of Cuban culture and the spirit of

the Caribbean lands.

Starting from the reinterpretation of the traditional straw and leather bag called Alforja, used in Havana at the end of the 19th century, Habanera was born in 2020: a concrete result of the union between hearts and hands and a special expression of artisan excellence.


A Successful Partnership

In 2021 we started the successful partnership with our project ambassador, Amanda Ross.

She is a former fashion director and stylist, as well as the creator of ARossGirl, based in New York.

Thanks to the collaboration between Amanda and the Cuba Lab design team, the "Habanera  Arossgirl" collection became an international success, one of our icon bag.


Magnificent Creations

Thanks to the support of Tod's group, the San Patrignano laboratory has evolved into something more than a simple meeting place; has become a symbol of personal and professional growth. the talented artisans who create our collection have embraced our project as an opportunity for human and professional enrichment.


From our first creative product "Habanera Arossgirl" we are proud to be able to count with 3 other wonderful categories of bags: "Tropicana", "Riviera" and "Paloma". Every single bag is accompanied by a certificate of originality, personally signed by hand by the skilled artisans in the workshop who contributed to its creation.

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