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Amanda Ross is a New York-based fashion editor, celebrity stylist and creator of ARossGirl, always striving for the unique and extraordinary and with an innate knack for color.

In the 2021 collection, the collaboration with Amanda Ross, takes the product to a more glamorous and sophisticated level thanks to more accurate and creative details.

El Corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés is a business group with more than 80 years of history, upholding the same values as always. Our steadfast principles of ethical and responsible conduct  allow us to evolve towards an omnichannel model more aligned with digitalization, diversification and sustainability. This has meant a progress in the transformation of El Corte Inglés from a retailer to a unique ecosystem. Without ever taking our eyes off the product and service quality, expertise, curated selections, guarantees and innovation we offer with the ultimate goal of making people's lives easier.

The Cuba Lab capsule collection consists in a new interpretations of our Habanera bag, proposed by our designers inspired by Spanish folk atmospheres, exclusively for El Corte Ingles.

muse by...

Muse by... is a commitment, a remedy, a prescription for the new era of fashion. 

Drawing on their respective experiences and backgrounds in the world of prestige, and wishing to bring a new dimension to the Retail offers of the time, the founders, Elizabeth and Christopher, created the MUSE by… concept in 2006.
The idea was simple: Bring together in a single place, around the desires of the contemporary woman, a set of products that accompany her in her daily life.

The 2022 capsule collection consist of a selection of new models differently interpreted and proposed by the designers of Habanera behind the inspiration and the creativity of muse by... concept store in Luxembourg.

Agora Six Senses - Ibiza

Agora is a sustainable boutique located in the impressive precinct of Six Senses Ibiza , in the north of the island, curated by Tiffanie Drake and Daniela Agnelli.

They are a shop. They are a live magazine. They are a community. But most all they are in Ibiza to give back to the planet more than we take.