Cuba Lab is a Social Promotion Association (Aps) founded with the aim of opening a Training / Laboratory Center in La Habana (Cuba) where young people can immerse themselves in the production of objects of Contemporary Design / High Craftsmanship.

Having as reference the organizational model of the Italian Renaissance shops in which the Master / Student interaction, the conception, creation and sale of the product coexisted, we want our Laboratory to become a point of reference for the new Cuban creativity.


 Our fundamental ethical choice was that all Cuba Lab products are made: - with leather from food waste - tanned with substances that are not harmful to the environment - production chain fabrics and paper based on the recycling of raw materials. 

The proceeds from the sale of the items under the "Cuba Lab" brand will be used to design and execute the Laboratory in La Habana. Our Association will take care of the training, preparation and purchase of all the machinery and materials necessary for the functioning of the "workshop".

With your contribution you become an active part of a project of high social and cultural significance.

Cuba Lab.