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Cuba Lab is the Main Social Project of ARTESANIA APS, a Social Promotion Association founded in 2019 in order to promote and develop the excellence of high craftsmanship combining the traits of the Florentine Renaissance laboratory with vitalism and artistic Cuban culture.

The Cuba Lab project is the brilliant result of the alliance between the San Patrignano Leather Workshop and the contribution of the leather masters of the Tod's Group.

The Leather Lab division of San Patrignano (born more than ten years ago thanks to the visionary support of Tod's who continuously supervises the entire product and technology development process) is today an Italian excellence thanks to the talent and dedication of its members.




 Our fundamental ethical choice was that all Cuba Lab products are made: - with leather from food waste - tanned with substances that are not harmful to the environment - production chain fabrics and paper based on the recycling of raw materials.


Cuba Lab doesn't just make beautiful, high-quality goods.

Cuba Lab radiates happiness, sunshine and fun.

With your contribution you become an active part of a project of high social and cultural significance.

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